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The Middle Man Bob Chapman

The Middle Man

Bob Chapman

Published November 3rd 2013
ISBN : 9781493610891
406 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

The Middle Man, which can be categorized as Suspense Fiction, is a powerful story meant for mature audiences. It is a grim tale of clairvoyance, perversion, murder, betrayal and greed. The story chronicles the lives of Victor J. LaRue, a bisexual, drug-dependent clairvoyant with a knack for contacting the dead, and his live-in caretaker, Wyatt Mollard. The setting is in rural South Carolina. Victors passion is to go beyond the normal realm of contact, and actually cross over between the worlds of the living and the dead. Together, he and Wyatt battle a series of bizarre and colorful characters, from Peter Lillebrandt, the federal agent with a well-kept past, to the local sheriff, Rolly Dolands and his chum Pastor William Skelly, two often bumbling yet vicious adversaries. The story moves along at a fast and gruesome pace, and one soon realizes that in this world of LaRues, nothing is as it seems, and there is no difference between right and wrong, or life and death, which will leave the reader begging for more as the mystery unravels, leaving them shocked by the conclusion. The tale reveals the effects of those in a state of continuous want, from the treacherous dead to the paranoid living, and the extremes to which they will go in order to attain their desires. Adversaries and allies alike find themselves caught in a realm of deliberate coincidence-in the middle-and it is a place that evokes ghastly consequences.